Evaluation questions for members of private sponsorship team

Survey Questions for members of the private sponsorship team

Q1: What things worked well in the settlement which we should continue with future settlements?

Q2: What could we do better (Pre-arrival and/or post arrival)?

Q3: How effective was the communication between our group and the newcomers?  What improvements in this area should we consider?

Q4: What specific actions or approaches did we do well, or could we have done better, to promote self-sufficiency and empower the newcomers?

Q5: What more should we be doing, if anything, for the newcomers’ 13th month and beyond?

Q6:  In terms of the RRP group overall, considering how we might be able to work more effectively, and in terms of our long-term future, do you have any suggestions regarding changes we should make in any of the following areas? Direction, Goals, Processes; Governance; Membership; Task-definition and assignments; Meetings; Decision-making process; Advocacy; Other

Q7: Personal reflections - Please provide your thoughts on any of the following questions: What did you learn personally, what was most meaningful, memorable, about this experience?

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