Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Christmas spirit is alive this year...

The Abdallah family has been in Toronto for two weeks now, and it's been a complete whirlwind of activities for them and many of our group members who took turns taking family members to various appointments around town. It's incredible how much has been achieved in just 14 days. Reemas and Aya have already spent a week in grade 2 and senior kindergarten in their local school and all adults are enrolled in English classes that will start at the beginning of January. 

Major health check ups and some dental appointments have been done, meetings with settlement workers have taken place, bank accounts have been opened, most necessary documents have been obtained and a meeting with immigration officials been completed. 

It has been a steep learning curve for us, and certainly at times been quite overwhelming for the family. Now it's time to take a break over Christmas and hopefully have more time for fun activities. 

We are very honored that the Abdallahs are calling us their (very big!) Canadian family. A highlight for all of us was a big Christmas party with the family on Sunday to which we also invited our incredibly generous donors, without who we would not have been able to settle the family in Canada. Many thanks to everyone, and have a wonderful Christmas! 

To view an album with more photos on our facebook page, please click on this link 

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